The winter can bring with it severe weather, which can make driving dangerous. The recommendation is to avoid driving in bad weather unless you really have to, but should you need to drive, make sure you remain safe on the road. In the latest blog post from Griffin Autos, we discuss top tips for driving in the winter.

Before you set off on your journey, you should make sure that a few things are in order. Planning your journey and having an alternative route will give you peace of mind and ensure you take the most efficient route to your destination.

In winter, it’s not uncommon for your journey may be affected by bad weather, so ensure that you have enough fuel for your journey, keeping your tank at least half full at all times is sufficient. When driving long distances, it can be good practice to get into a habit of taking a bottle of water with you. Thirst can become a major distraction when on the road and can cause headaches which may be made worse by bright headlights. Additionally, if you run out of screen wash, water can be a good short-term substitute when you’re out and about. Other items that you will find handy to keep in your vehicle are a shovel for deep snow, de-icer spray and a windscreen scraper.

Full concentration should be given at all times when driving, but especially in adverse weather conditions. Never drive when you feel fatigued and always take the opportunity for breaks at services stations where necessary. It can be easy to slip into auto-pilot when you’ve been driving for a long time, however, when driving on wet surfaces, you should always avoid using your cruise control.

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