There are many ways you may optimise your car to get it ready for track day and they needn’t be expensive. At Griffin Autos, we specialise in optimising vehicles for track days and understand the importance of minor adjustments, as well as seeing the advantages of more major changes. In our latest blog post, we discuss how to prepare your car for track day and changes to suit every budget.


The first step in preparing your vehicle for track day is to ensure the oil type and level is suitable. Using an oil that is more suitable for racing, such as Castrol Edge engine oil can help with the harsh use of the car on the day. A professional mechanic will be able to inform you whether it would be best to run the oil level more towards the low mark on the dipstick in order to prevent it from getting into the inlet manifold at high revs. Remember, you should check your oil levels after each run of the track as consumption will be much higher than with normal use. Further to this, your car should undergo a full service which includes checks on the gearbox, differential, brakes and the cooling system.


Once you know that the main mechanics of your car are in good working order, you will need to ensure that all nuts and bolts are secured tightly. It’s important to check the tightness of brake calliper bolts, engine mounts, gearbox mounts, subframe mounts, the steering rack and all suspension fittings.


Your tyres form the only grip that your car has with the road. Consequently, it is important that they are in good condition and suitable for the track you will be driving on. Keep in mind that you will need to ensure that the tyres have sufficient tread depth at the end of the day.

There are many more changes you can make to your vehicle to improve its reliability on track day, including stripping unnecessary excess weight, including the carpets, back seats and spare wheel. You may also modify the fan and cooling system.

However, if you would like more information on the various ways we can improve your car for track day, call our specialist team today on 01525 402896 or fill out our online contact form.